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Lee's Palace - March 30 1998

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Author: Darrin Cappe

This was the first show we did after reforming in the summer of 1997. Over the course of the year we had written a bunch of new songs. Oren Levy was our new bassist whom we had recruited from an ad in Now Magazine, following Daniel's departure back to Chicago in September 1997. It was Monday March 30 1998 at 12:00. The PRIME night of the week for seeing a band. We did manage to bring in about 50 people to the show and it was Lee's Palace which was a big deal to all of us. "Calm In The Storm" was an Oren original which Phil thought was called "Communist Manifesto". It was only played live this one time. I think Oren felt we slaughtered it suffiently to not require further airing. It was a good song. We didn't quite do it justice. This show was with Van Ride To Venus and XIOZ who were to forever be known pronounced thereafter as jee-aww-jj thanks to Stuart Shapiro who kept yelling this out at the show (and every other show we did). It can exen be found on the CD of "...When You're Having Fun". The band's name was actually "11 Ounces".

Band Name: Release
The band lineup was:
David Blatt - Guitars
Darrin Cappe - Vocals
Oren Levy - Bass
Phil Shoore - Drums

01. Rocking In The Free World   1:48
02. Black Rose   4:53
03. All Over Again   3:47
04. Never Again   4:40
05. Slip Away   5:44
06. Calm In The Storm   4:10
07. Violation   3:50
08. Proofrock   5:55
09. +Clover   5:51
Total Time: 40:38

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