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Clinton's Tavern - CD Release Party - November 12 1999

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Author: Darrin Cappe

This was our CD release party for the album "...When You're Having Fun". It was a packed show. We made a video of which was shown prior to the show. Phil did a few rounds of Fugit Jeopardy. We did an interview with someone from Ryerson prior to the show. For the show itself we dressed up in characters based on the video we had made. Phil from Prehistoric times, Dario from Ancient Italy, Dave from Hell, Daniel from 1985 and Darrin from the future. We played a few new songs followed by the whole album in order. For the encores we played a bunch of covers, including "Big Bottom", "Rasputin" and "Here Comes Your Man" for the first time.

Band Name: Tempus Fugit
The band lineup was:
David Blatt - Guitars
Darrin Cappe - Vocals
Phil Shoore - Drums
Daniel Veidlinger - Bass

01. Dodgy   5:02
02. Presence   6:14
03. Migrations   7:16
04. 42   4:42
05. All Over Again   3:34
06. Pacify   4:13
07. +Clover   5:37
08. Violation   3:35
09. Solitude (My Tribe)   5:57
10. The Release   9:02
11. Black Rose   5:12
12. Never Again   5:13
13. Slip Away   6:25
14. Big Bottom   2:41
15. Here Comes Your Man   3:36
16. Lavender Blue   4:13
17. Rasputin (w/ the Fugettes)   5:26
18. 4Ever Young   4:19
Total Time: 1:32:17

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