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The Cameron House - August 24 1999

No Tape Exists

This is the only show we played at the Cameron House at Queen and Spadina. It is a very quiet place so we tried to play quiet songs quietly. Phil, however is our drummer, so all I really remember is the guy who ran the place coming into the back throughout the show and giving us dirty looks for playing louder than a whisper. We played "Stones" at this show. It was based on the death of a friend's parent. It was the only time we ever played it live and the show was not taped, unfortunately.

Band Name: Tempus Fugit
The band lineup was:
David Blatt - Guitars
Darrin Cappe - Vocals
Phil Shoore - Drums
Daniel Veidlinger - Bass

01. Terminal Morraine
02. All Over Again
03. 42
04. Stones
05. Afterthoughts
06. Proofrock
07. Dodgy
08. Lavender
09. Drownproofing
10. Migrations
11. Slip Away

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