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Beyond The Barrier

Beyond The Barrier is the first Tempus Fugit album. Its working title was "Tales Of The Immortal Man". It was recorded on 4 track in the Veidlinger's basement throughout 1985. Darrin joined the band, taking over lead vocals from Mike Kohn following his departure after the FHFX gig in 1985. All of the vocals were done in 1 take with at most 1 or 2 practice passes. The songs were not familiar to him until they were recorded and as such much of the "vocal stylings" can be attributed to singing the songs on the fly while learning them at the same time. It is a concept album about Immortality of some kind. We're not really sure. If you really want to know what it is about, contact
Music Of The Spheres was our big hit single at the time. It would be rerecorded along with 42 for the Q107 Homegrown contest. 42 would reappear 12 years later as the first song on our 2nd album "...When You're Having Fun". Its placement as song 1 on that album is questioned by many tens of people.

The Lineup of the band at the time was:
Daniel Veidlinger - Bass, Guitar, Keyboards and Vocals (Microsom and I Am)
Jeff Veidlinger - Guitars
Phil Shoore - Drums
Mischa Levine - Keyboards
Darrin Cappe - Lead Vocals

Source : Cassette -> MP3   Released: 1986
1. Microcosm   4:28   Lyrics
2. Music Of The Spheres   4:40   Lyrics
3. Star Traveller   3:46   Lyrics
4. Illusions   5:15   Lyrics
5. I Am   7:49   Lyrics
6. Succession   2:26   Lyrics
7. Tomb Of The Unknown Poet   6:17   Lyrics
8. Home Again   4:36   Lyrics
9. 42   6:41   Lyrics
Total Time: 45:58

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