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Lee's Palace - May 26 1998

Source : Soundboard -> WAV -> MP3
Author: Darrin Cappe

This was the third show we did after reforming in the summer of 1997. We weren't supposed to play this show but agreed to after there was a mix up on dates and the tickets were printed. This was our last show with Oren. Our replacement bassist Dario, was in the audience for the show. It was also the first time we played Forever Young which would go on to be played at almost every show thereafter. This show was with The Ents and Emerson John.

Band Name: Release
The band lineup was:
David Blatt - Guitars
Darrin Cappe - Vocals
Oren Levy - Bass
Phil Shoore - Drums

01. All Over Again   4:36
02. Proofrock   6:20
03. Never Again   4:19
04. Rockin In The Free World   5:04
05. Slip Away   5:48
06. Black Rose   5:02
07. +Clover   5:41
08. Violation   3:55
09. 4Ever Young   3:39
Total Time: 44:24

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