The Tempus Fugit Vanity Project

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The Labyrinth Lounge - February 03 2001

No Recording Exists

This show as arranged by Janice at The Labyrinth Lounge which was behind Future Bakery at Brunswick and Bloor in Toronto. Unbeknownst to us at the time, this would be our last show. Unfortunately it was not taped. I lost my favorite hat at this show. If anyone has seen it, it is a black skull cap. Email me if you have seen it.

Band Name: Tempus Fugit
The band lineup was:
David Blatt - Guitars
Dario Brancato - Bass
Darrin Cappe - Vocals
Janice Lincoln - Keyboards
Phil Shoore - Drums

01. The Poetry Song
02. All Over Again
03. Do You Know What I Mean?
04. Soap Stains
05. Shallow Water Blackout
06. Just Another Day
07. Drownproofing
08. Slip Away

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