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The Horseshoe Tavern - October 02 2000

Source : Soundboard -> WAV -> MP3
Author: Darrin Cappe

This was our first of 2 shows at The Horseshoe Tavern. It was a Monday night, but it was The Horseshoe which means something to me. This was also our first show with Janice Lincoln after Daniel had left town for Chico California to become a teacher of Buddist studies at the University of Chicofornia. Again the first two songs were not recorded.

Band Name: Tempus Fugit
The band lineup was:
David Blatt - Guitars
Dario Brancato - Bass
Darrin Cappe - Vocals
Janice Lincoln - Keyboards
Phil Shoore - Drums

00a. Dariointro (not recorded)
00b. Dodgy (not recorded)
01. Pacify (cut)   1:44
02. Do You Know What I Mean?   4:20
03. Soap Stains   7:11
04. Jenny Is A Surf Slut   3:00
05. Just Another Day   4:28
06. New Path   3:14
07. 4Ever Young   4:11
Total Time: 28:01

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