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Clipped Wings (4 Track Demos 1997-2000)

These are a bunch of 4 Track Demos which were made between 1997 and 2000 using a Yahama MT 100 machine. The first 10 songs are just Darrin. There are 2 versions of Freedom Falling, 2 versions of a song called So Long which is in a draft state. Prelude is an idea for an instrumental intro to Soap Stains. Rock Song, Descent Lullaby, Harmonic Melody are other insrumental ideas.
Songs 12-4 are band arranged early mixes of All Over Again, Black Rose, Almost Over (never performed live), and Clover.
Songs 11 and 15 are solo versions of All Over Again by Darrin.
Knee Deep is a song Darrin wrote and recorded for Phil after a freind of his died in the Far East.
Sunrise In Dirty Skies is an early sketch for a song which was practiced but not played live.

Darrin Cappe - Vocals, Guitar
Oren Levy - Bass (songs 12-14)
David Blatt - Guitars (songs 12-14)
Phil Shoore - Drums (songs 12-14)

Humility should probably have kept these in the vault but there are some things which are interesting. The early versions of Black Rose, Clover, All Over Again may be of interest to those who know the final versions. I (Darrin) think that So Long version 2 is great.

Source : 4-Track Cassette -> MOV -> WAV -> MP3   Released: 2007
1. Harmonic Melody   3:25   
2. Freedom Falling version 1   4:11   Lyrics
3. So Long version 1   3:19   
4. Freedom Falling version 2   3:42   Lyrics
5. Descent Lullaby   1:45   
6. Prelude version 1   1:10   
7. Rock Song   2:33   
8. Prelude version 2   1:03   
9. Soap Stains (instrumental)   5:39   
10. So Long version 2 (multi-guitar version)   3:06   
11. All Over Again (Darrin Solo)   4:05   
12. Black Rose (Band Version)   5:57   
13. Almost Over (Band Version)   3:37   Lyrics
14. Clover (Band Version)   5:11   
15. All Over Again (Darrin Vocal mix)   3:25   
16. Knee Deep   3:45   Lyrics
17. Sunrise In Dirty Skies   4:35   Lyrics
Total Time: 1:00:28

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