The Tempus Fugit Vanity Project

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The El Mocambo - June 15 1999

No Recording Exists

This was our first proper show of 1999 and the first since December 18 1998, 6 months earlier due to Dario's absence. Not only is there no recording of this show but i also can not find any photos, posters or setlists. Maybe we didn't play it. It was our first show as the "New" Tempus Fugit since reforming in 1997.

Band Name: Tempus Fugit
The band lineup was:
David Blatt - Guitars
Dario Brancato - Bass
Darrin Cappe - Vocals
Phil Shoore - Drums
Daniel Veidlinger - Bass

01. 42
02. Pacify
03. Presence
04. Solitude (My Feedback)
05. Terminal Morraine
06. Afterthoughts
07. Violation
08. Dodgy
09. The One I Love
10. Slip Away