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Clinton's Tavern - August 06 1999

Source : Soundboard -> WAV -> MP3
Author: Darrin Cappe

Daniel played bass at this show as Dario was in Italy for the summer. This was the first show we played Migrations at as well as Circumstances by Rush. I have tried to sing Rush in the past and all I can say is I never should have tried and I never should again. Not that you could really tell at this show as I seemed to have sang out of tune for pretty much the whole show. Must of been a pleasure to have heard. I think Bo Cairo who did sound at Clinton's added a lot of reverb just to try to compensate for it.

Band Name: Tempus Fugit
The band lineup was:
David Blatt - Guitars
Darrin Cappe - Vocals
Phil Shoore - Drums
Daniel Veidlinger - Bass

01. New Path   3:00
02. Pacify   4:19
03. Black Rose   4:53
04. Migrations   7:00
05. Stage Banter   2:21
06. Circumstances   3:19
07. Never Again   5:04
08. 42   4:48
09. Proofrock   6:10
10. Lavender Blue   4:40
11. Dodgy   4:37
12. Violation   3:25
13. Solitude (My Tribe)   7:07
14. 4Ever Young   4:27
Total Time: 1:05:10

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