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Lost In Flight (Various Tracks 1987-1998)

These are various other tracks recorded between 1987 and 1998 from various factions of Fugit.

Music Of The Spheres and 42 are the 2nd Versions of these songs. They were rerecorded with Darrin and Meredith on Vocals, Mike Graham on Keyboards and Jeff, Daniel and Phil on guitar, bass and drums respectively. The Dog barking at the beginning of Music Of The Spheres was a joke reflective of the birds at the beginning of the original version of the song. The backwards message in 42 is actually Mike Graham saying "Um..So Long...So Long And Thanks For All The Fish". These were submitted to the Q107 Homegrown contest in 1987.

The Dream is a demo recorded by Daniel (all instruments) and Darrin (vocals) in the Veidlinger basement around 1989.

The Answer is a live practice recording of the sole Maximum 40 Original written by Jeff Veidlinger and also featuring Darrin and Sharyn Abelson on Vocals, Shai Peer on Keyboards (plays with Ronnie Hawkins), Sean Hillman on Drums (now with Affinity), Drew Moncarz on Bass and Eric Chercover on guitars (now in White Cowbell Oklahoma). Here is a link to the Youtube post of Maximum 40 on YTV RecRoom playing The Time Warp.

Light And Love was recorded at Vyner Road Studios in 1998. It was recorded as part of Phil's marriage proposal to Elaine. The music is Dave's and the lyrics are Phil's. Musicians were Dave on Guitar, Darrin and Meredith on Vocals and Phil on vocals for the last 7 words - which will likely remain his only recorded vocals for Fugit both past and future.

1. Music Of The Spheres (Version 2 1987)   4:28   
2. 42 (Version 2 1987)   5:05   
3. The Dream (1989)   3:37   
4. The Answer (1990)   3:10   
5. Light And Love (1998)   4:06   
Total Time: 20:25

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