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Fugistory part 8

Post Release - 1999-December 2007

The rest of the album was recorded at Vyner Road Studios in October and December 1998. Mixing was originally done on January 1 1999 at Phase One Studios with Scott Lake (during the winter storm which dumped 4 feet of snow in 12 hours). Pacify, Violation and Slip Away were done over that 12 hour session. Worried that the end result would be a compromised version of the album we all heard in our heads, we decided to have the entire thing mixed by Rob, Elliott and Dave Klotz back at Vyner Road. Some parts were re-recorded, the album mixed and then Mastered at Metalworks studio on August 10, 1999.

Our CD release party was held at Clinton's Tavern on November 12 1999 for our album "...When You're Having Fun" complete with food, band Trivia, costumes and a home made video about time travel which has been lost to time. By this time we had changed our name back to Tempus Fugit as we were concernced that the name "Release" or "The Release" might be confusing for our tens of fans. Also there were at least two other bands named "Release", so we changed back to "Tempus Fugit", a name being used by at least 2 other bands.

Throughout 2000 we played a variety of shows, mainly at Clinton's Tavern before moving on to play our last 2 official shows at The Horseshoe Tavern in October and November 2000. By this time we had brought in Janice Lincoln as our latest and most recent new band member on Keyboards. She brought with her a poppy keyboard sound which added a nice touch to quite few new songs. The last show we played was at the Labyrinth Lounge (behind Future Bakery) on February 3 2001. Dave left the band and it quietly dissolved away.

However, during the time between recording the "...When You're Having Fun" and the dissolution of the band we had written a variety of great songs. "Dodgy", "New Path", "Drownproofing", "Just Another Day", "Stones", "The Poetry Song", "Terminal Morraine", "Presence", "Shallow Water Blackout" , "Soap Stains", "Migrations" etc, etc.

After meeting up several times in 2006/2007 discussions were started about the possibility of recording some of these songs. Jeff Gorman set up a Tempus Fugit Appreciation Facebook group which initiated interest within the band to get to together to jam and try to work up these songs. There may yet be another Fugit album. The time is right - 1987 was "Beyond The Barrier", "...When You're Having Fun" in 1999 which could mean a new album in 2011...

Oh, and 2007 is the 20th anniversary of Fugit's first show at FH/FX. We like gifts.

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