The Tempus Fugit Vanity Project

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Short Fugistory

Tempus Fugit began as a 3 piece power trio playing Iron Maiden and Bryan Adams songs in 1985. Daniel Veidlinger on Bass, Phil Shoore on Drums and Jeff Veidlinger on Guitar. After a variety of changes to vocalists the band settled into a stable lineup with the addition of Mischa Levine on Keyboards and Darrin Cappe on Vocals and Grease Paint. 1986 saw the production of the band's first recorded work in the form of the 4 Track DIY Cassette concept album "Beyond The Barrier". This 10 song slice of 4 Track heaven was broadly based on the idea that in order to achieve immortality one has to merely believe in their own immortality - or something along those one is quite sure. You can download it from from this site.

Mischa left and the band brought on Michael Graham on Keys and Meredith Halpurn on Vocals. The first live show by the band was at the High School Battle Of The Bands at The Concert Hall in Toronto in 1987 in front of 2500 high school fans (well at least 100 were there to see us). Along with a few originals the band played Roundabout, The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, Comfortably Numb etc. video can be seen at the BOTB page.

A 2 song 4 Track Demo was recorded of the songs Music Of The Spheres and 42 which were submitted to Q107's Homegrown contest to a deserved muted reception. A video for Music Of The Spheres was produced by a friend of the band.

Following High School the band went their separate ways until reconnecting in the summer of 1997. They started writing and playing live shows around Toronto (including a 1 stop Southern Ontario Tour). Darrin, Daniel, Phil and Dave Blatt were the original 4 from this incarnation of the band. Daniel came and went due to other obligations around North America and the band recruited Oren Levy on Bass. Oren lasted for a few shows and about 6 months during the initial writing phase of the band and was soon followed by Dario Brancato on Bass. He couldn't understand English but he played well.

A full CD was recorded at Vyner Road Recording Studio with the assistance of Rob Rotstein, Elliott Sairan and Dave Klotz. "...When You're Having Fun" was a mixed bag of prog and pop covering a wide variety of musical textures. The album can be downloaded from here.

The band played a variety of shows and continued to write up until their last show at The Labryinth Lounge on February 3 2001. At this time the band consisted of Darrin, Phil, Dave, Dario and Janice Lincoln on Keyboards (for the last 3 shows).

In 2007 the band reconvened to jam and play some covers and in the process were offered up some free studio time at Harris Institute. Quickly the began to rehearse old unrecorded songs from the 1997-2001 era of the band and over 4 days in January 2008 recorded a new 10 song album "Shallow Water Blackout". Mixine and mastering took place at Vyner Road Recording Studios between August 2009 and October 2010. The album was released on November 15 2010.