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Shallow Water Blackout

In October of 2007 Phil, Darrin, Dave and Mike Graham (Fugit keyboardist circa 1987) got together with Aaron Ruimy, a bassist Phil knew from a Supertramp cover band he was working with. The intention was to jam, play some Marillion songs and practice up some songs for a potential home recording of our second album which never was. Aaron was a student at Harris Institute for Sound Engineering at the time and after a few practices mentioned that he had to do a project with a couple other students where they would record a band. The offer was extended to us to be the band they would record - an opportunity to record songs which were performed between 1999 and 2001 but never recorded. So over the course of about 4 or 5 10 hour sessions lasting from midnight - 10AM between December 2007 and January 2008 we went into the studio and Aaron, Ian Gomes and Alex Wilmer recorded what would become our second album.

It was a crazy schedule with Drums being laid down first followed by Rhythm Guitar, Vocals and then Lead Guitar and finally Bass. Mike worked on keyboards in his home studio following the sessions and were added last. Rob Preuss from the Spoons also added some early keyboard parts to 3 songs but due to the chaotic order of recording and limited mixes at the time, only survived on one track (Presence). Unsure what to do with the raw tracks we took a few tentative steps to mix, first Drownproofing with Rob Rotstein, then at Boomka Studios with Aaron (New Path, Soap Stains and Ashes, and Do You Know What I Mean?) until finally we decided to commit to the full mixing of the album by taking it back to Vyner Road Studios with Elliott Sairan who had recorded our first album 10 years before.

So between August 2009 and August 2010 Darrin and Elliott, with varying assistance by the rest of the band, mixed the album. In September 2010 the album was mastered by Elliott as well and then sent to Duplium in Toronto for final production which was completed on November 15 2010.

Oh we also spent 1000 hours debating artwork as well of which there are about 200 different ideas floating around.

David Blatt Guitars
Dario Brancato Bass
Darrin Cappe Guitars, Vocals, Backing Vocals
Michael Graham Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Phil Shoore Drums

Additional Keyboards on Presence by Rob Preuss

Produced by Tempus Fugit
Engineered by Aaron Ruimy, Ian Gomes and Alex Wilmer at Harris Institute December 28, 2007 - January 20, 2008
Additional Recording, Mixing and Mastering by Elliott Sairan at Vyner Road Recording Studios, August 2009 - October 2010
Assisted by Sean McCarney
Package Design by Darrin Cappe
Photography by Madison Cappe
all songs written by Tempus Fugit
(Migrations by Tempus Fugit and Daniel Veidlinger)

Released: November 15 2010    Company: Colonic Records

1. Dodgy   4:21   Lyrics
2. Presence   5:35   Lyrics
3. Shallow Water Blackout   5:59   Lyrics
4. Migrations   6:14   Lyrics
5. Soap Stains And Ashes   7:15   Lyrics
6. Just Another Day   4:12   Lyrics
7. Do You Know What I Mean?   3:48   Lyrics
8. New Path   3:00   Lyrics
9. Drownproofing   4:42   Lyrics
10. The Poetry Song   5:50   Lyrics
Total Time: 50:50

"A melting pot of influences, mostly old, but all in good taste, and similar enough to not feel like hearing a pale imitation of the model. It's fresh, unpretentious, well played (special mention to the voluptuous bass). A disc that is listened tirelessly and with great pleasure. " -

4 Stars - Sea Of Tranquility

"It is damn pleasant to digest. Songs grow on you with each listen" -