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7Hz Release Your Sphincter by The Release

"From Vyner Road Manor Production Studios, in association with Robbo Rotstein
The Release
Release Your Sphincter"

OK so the question is "What exactly is 7Hz?". Well basically it is an early version of the album "...When You're Having Fun". It is comprised of the same songs as on the final album but with some significant differences. First off, the track listing is different (although 42 still manages to open the album). Secondly there are no keyboards at all on this version. Many of the vocals were redone at a later date as was the addition of many guitar tracks. The other big difference is that this contains Prufrock in it's original state before the lyrics were changed and the song became "Release". These are all rough mixes of the songs. There were only about 7 copies of this version made. In case you are wondering what 7Hz means, it is linked to an urban legend Elliott told us. According to him, during WWII a group of French scientists tried to create a low-collateral damage sonic bomb. The results weree unsatisfactory except that at the frequency of 7Hz their sphincters opened up. This is a legend known as the "brown noise legend". We thought about putting a tone at 7Hz throughout the whole album just to see if it worked. It is a bit of an inside joke also tied into the fact that the working title for Prufrock was "My Ass Hurts" and also where the idea for "Colonic Records" came from. At the time we were still called "The Release".

Source : MP3   Released: Unreleased 1998   Company: Colonic Records

1. 42   4:04   Lyrics
2. Pacify   4:14   Lyrics
3. All Over Again   3:39   Lyrics
4. Black Rose   4:39   Lyrics
5. +Clover   5:18   Lyrics
6. Violation   3:27   Lyrics
7. Solitude (My Tribe)   5:22   Lyrics
8. Prufrock   6:07   Lyrics
9. Never Again   4:54   Lyrics
10. Slip Away   6:55   Lyrics
Total Time: 48:39

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