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Phase One Mixes 1999

Prior to the final mixing of the album at Vyner Road Recording Studio, we spent 1 day at Phase One Studios in Toronto to try to mix the album. After about 12 hours working with Brett Zilahi, we had 3 songs done. They sounded great but the band felt that the subtle nuances and ideas we liked were not reflected due to the speed required for mixing. That combined with working with a mixer who had not heard the material before. So we decided to take the mixes we had done at Phase One back to Vyner Road and use them as starting point for what would be the final mixes. So on the final album what you hear for these songs is a combination of the Phase One Mix plus added mixing at Vyner Road. These are the Mixes as they sounded after Brett had done his thing.

David Blat - Guitars
Dario Brancato - Bass
Darrin Cappe - Vocals, Guitar
Phil Shoore - Drums
Daniel Veidlinger - Keyboards

Source : CD -> MOV -> WAV -> MP3   Released: 2007
1. Pacify   4:22   
2. Slip Away   6:47   
3. Violation   3:12   
Total Time: 14:21

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