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Fugit 2 Live Compilation

Basically this is a compilation of songs which were written and/or arranged after "...When You're Having Fun". They are all live tracks with the exception of Freedom Falling which is a 4 track recording done by Darrin. The Poetry Song was written to accompany a CD of Poetry Reading which was being done by a friend of Dario's. According to Dario "I brought his entire collection titled "Darsena Inquinata" to practice and even translated the one he had chosen. The problem is that the motherfucker decided to go ahead and ask other musicians to perform without notifying us." We did get a song out of it, though. Some of the songs are sketches, played only once live, such as Indeed. Others have not been fully realized (mainly due to lyrics never being firmly established) such as Speedway. Shallow Water Blackout was the last song we wrote prior to our 6 year hiatus. It was played live only at our final two shows at The Horseshoe Tavern on November 30 2000 and The Labyrinth Lounge in February 2001. See "Shallow Water Blackout" for the development of the proper CD release in 2010.

Source : MP3   Released: 2007   Company: Colonic Records

1. Dodgy   4:35   Lyrics
2. Presence   5:27   Lyrics
3. Do You Know What I Mean?   3:57   Lyrics
4. Migrations   6:05   Lyrics
5. Soap Stains And Ashes   6:32   Lyrics
6. Indeed   4:53   Lyrics
7. Shallow Water Blackout   5:17   Lyrics
8. Just Another Day   4:09   Lyrics
9. Speedway   5:49   Lyrics
10. Jenny Is A Surf Slut   3:01   Lyrics
11. Afterthoughts   4:51   Lyrics
12. Terminal Morraine   6:28   Lyrics
13. New Path   3:04   Lyrics
14. Drownproofing   4:39   Lyrics
15. The Poetry Song   5:31   Lyrics
16. Freedom Falling   4:09   Lyrics
Total Time: 1:18:27

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